Specialty Pots for All Your Growing Needs

Specialty Pots for All Your Growing Needs

Growers everywhere are falling in love with GeoPot Fabric Pots for their versatility, durability, and incredible benefits such as air root pruning and superior aeration and drainage. But did you know that we offer a variety of unique styles tailored for specific uses?

Read on to learn more about our Specialty Pots and why we recommend them for all your growing needs!

Transplant Safely with Our Transplanter Pot

Transplanting plants can be a stressful and messy task. Our Transplanter Pots make it quick and easy to transfer plants to their new home with velcro-seamed openings that allow you to open the entire side of the pot. This helps you move your plants to their final destination with minimal handling of the root zone, ensuring a clean transition while preventing damage to your plants. Transplant shock will be a thing of the past with GeoPot Transplanter Pots!

Grow Simple Spuds with Our Potato Bags

Tired of digging in the ground in search of the delicious potatoes that you spent so much time cultivating? The GeoPot Potato Bag is a great way to grow and harvest potatoes in a small space! This fabric pot includes a convenient velcro window that allows you to check on the progress of your plants by peeking into the soil from the side. When your potatoes are ready to harvest, you can simply reach in and pull them out, eliminating the need to dig into the soil or create a mess.

Cater to Your Clones with the SquatPot

Cloning is a popular practice with many growers, but this planting method can take up more space and soil than is really needed. The GeoPot SquatPot is the perfect fabric pot for those growing with cuttings or looking to stretch their soil. At half the height and double the width of traditional GeoPot fabric pots, SquatPots are ideal for cloned plants or even applications with multiple shallow rooting plants in one pot. Use your soil efficiently while still keeping your plants happy and healthy with the benefits of a GeoPot Fabric Pot! 

Hang Out with our Hanging Basket and Hanging Garden Pots

Gardeners looking to add some aesthetic appeal to their yard will appreciate our GeoPot Hanging Baskets and GeoPot Hanging Garden pots. These fabric pots are great for either single plants or mixed arrangements and can easily be hung from a hook or a tree branch to add variety and visual interest. They offer a unique alternative to planting herbs, ornamentals, strawberries, succulents, and more. Available in 2 or 4-bag options, the Hanging Garden also allows water to drain downward from one plant to another, resulting in better water efficiency! Decorate your green space vertically with these great hanging options.

Growing with GeoPot is Always Special

Whether you’re growing veggies or herbs, growing in a GeoPot will help ensure a successful harvest. These versatile pots come in many specialty options to fit your growing needs and style, and allow you to reap the benefits of air root pruning, superior aeration, and improved drainage. What more could you ask for? Take a look at all GeoPot has to offer at GeoPot.com