Grow Big or Go Home: Fabric Pots for Large-Scale Cultivation

Grow Big or Go Home: Fabric Pots for Large-Scale Cultivation

Here at GeoPot, we make fabric pots and planters that growers can depend on. Whether you are a hobby gardener, a commercial cultivator, or something in between, we have containers to fit your needs. And with GeoPot sizes ranging from ½ gallon to 1000 gallons, it’s easy to find a container for every stage of the growing cycle.

Today, we want to give some attention to the real workhorses of our collection: the popular larger sizes of GeoPot fabric pots from 45-gallons to 400-gallons. These are ideal for serious growers who want all the benefits of superior drainage, improved aeration, and air root pruning for their massive plants.

Let’s examine why these are our most popular sizes for large-scale growers.

Built to Last

Growers who take their plants seriously demand the best from their containers. That’s why we construct our GeoPot fabric pots with the thickest non-woven geotextile fabric on the market and marine-grade quad-stitched seams. This allows you to reuse your GeoPot fabric pots for up to 4 or 5 growing cycles, unlike other fabric pots with thinner material and inferior stitching.

GeoPot is built to last

GeoPot Can Handle It

GeoPot sizes of up to 65-gallons include optional sturdy handles built to withstand the full weight of heavy soil, making it easy to move your pots without worrying about them falling apart. Since a 65-gallon pot full of soil can weigh more than 650 pounds, this can make a big difference when setting up or modifying your grow.

Big Pots for Big Plans

Big Pots for Big Plans

Growers looking for massive plants love our larger sizes up to 400 gallons, which are 70 inches in diameter and 30 inches tall, giving your roots plenty of room to roam. Thanks to the benefits of air root pruning, your plants will grow tons of fibrous feeder roots throughout the abundant soil and absorb more available nutrients, leading to huge plants and bountiful harvests.

Large GeoPot Size Chart

*Available with Handles

GeoPot Size Dimensions Soil Capacity (Cubic Feet)
45 Gallon* 27” Diameter x 18” Height 5.96
65 Gallon* 32” Diameter x 18” Height 8.38
100 Gallon 38” Diameter x 20” Height 13.13
150 Gallon 44” Diameter x 23” Height 20.24
200 Gallon 50” Diameter x 24” Height 27.27
400 Gallon 70” Diameter x 30” Height 66.82

Economical Options

Large-scale growers on a budget who want to grow a substantial number of plants with the benefits of fabric pots can consider our G-Lite model, which we offer with or without handles in sizes up to 10 gallons. For more spacious pots, our G-Lite XL sizes range from 15 to 65 gallons. Both G-Lite and G-Lite XL fabric pots are made from a slightly thinner fabric than our traditional GeoPot fabric pots, allowing you to enjoy the advantages of drainage, aeration, and air root pruning while cutting costs.

Think Big

If you’re reading this, you’re a grower who wants big plants and massive harvests. We know that you’ll be glad to see the results of growing in our larger sizes of fabric pots. Join the community of cultivators treating their big plants to the benefits that GeoPot has to offer by ordering your large pots for this year’s grow.

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