What are the advantages of growing in GeoPot fabric pots?

GeoPot fabric pots enable air root pruning, in which the roots reach the edge of the container and naturally self-prune, creating more lateral branching of fibrous feeder roots. These roots are more productive in the uptake of water and nutrients, resulting in healthier plants that utilize the entire root zone for optimal growth.

In addition, the geotextile material of GeoPot fabric pots encourages better aeration and improved drainage, which provides more oxygen to the roots and helps prevent root rot. The high-quality fabric can be washed and reused for many growing cycles.

What is the difference between your black and tan GeoPot fabric pots?

Both designs provide the same benefits of air root pruning, better drainage, and improved aeration while providing a cooler growing environment for the developing root zone when compared to plastic or terracotta pots.

Our original black GeoPot fabric pots are great for warming up the roots of your plants in the cool morning air as well as concealing dirt runoff or residue from your plants. Our tan GeoPot fabric pots are a great alternative for keeping the soil slightly cooler in hot outdoor climates (about a 2-3 degree difference in temperature compared to the black variety). Also, some growers prefer the tan GeoPot fabric pots for their more natural aesthetic and their ability to blend in with their surroundings.

Do you make custom pots or planters?

We do not make custom fabric pots. If you have a custom raised bed planter request, we require a minimum of 20 units to be purchased, with some size restrictions. Please contact us for more information.

What is your return policy?

Please see our refund policy here. We can only accept returns on products that have not held growing media or soil. If a pot was subject to a defect or was damaged during the first use, please send an email with photos of the product failure to contact@geopot.com.

What are GeoPot fabric pots made of?

GeoPot fabric pots are made from durable, UV-treated polypropylene geotextile fabric, and we use moisture and salt-resistant bonded polyester thread for our marine grade stitching. All our materials are chemically stable, inert, and BPA, and heavy metal-free, making them safe for organic gardening.

How long do GeoPot fabric pots last?

Designed with durability in mind, GeoPot fabric pots are constructed to deliver a long-lasting container gardening alternative that can last for at least 5 or 6 growing cycles when kept in good condition and cleaned and stored between use.

How long do your G-Lite fabric pots last?

Our G-Lite fabric pots are recommended for growers who are operating on a tighter budget and want to take advantage of the benefits of growing in our fabric pots at a lower cost. To satisfy this need, they are made of a slightly thinner material that should last for about 2-3 growing cycles.

Will I need to water my plants more often?

With GeoPot fabric pots, you may need to water slightly more frequently than with traditional growing containers due to the improved airflow and drainage. However, your plants will also be more protected from root rot, a potentially lethal condition that can be caused by poor drainage in both indoor and outdoor plants. Plus, improved aeration and drainage means that you will be rewarded with healthier plants and increased yields.

How do I assemble my GeoPlanter raised bed?

The GeoPlanter is framed with PVC to give you a rigid, framed garden bed. It can be assembled by inserting the long and short PVC tubes into the openings and connecting them in the corners with the included 3-way connectors, then adding the vertical tubes to complete the process. Watch our short video tutorial for our recommended approach to easily assembling your GeoPlanter with no tools necessary!

Where is my order?

You should receive an email confirmation of your order, as well as a separate email with shipping and tracking information. For any further questions, contact us here.

Where can I purchase GeoPot fabric pots?

To purchase online, visit GardenTap, our preferred online retailer.

To find GeoPot fabric pots at a store near you, use our state-by-state store locator.

How can I wash or sterilize my GeoPot fabric pots between uses?

Start by removing dirt and debris from your GeoPot fabric pot by hand or with the help of a tool. Use a wet/dry vacuum or pressure washer to remove any stubborn debris. Wash with either warm or cold water by hand or in a washing machine. For best results, use OxiClean or a peroxide mixture to sterilize. Let air dry and store until the next use. For a more detailed description with photos, read our in-depth blog post How to Clean and Disinfect Your GeoPot Fabric Pots.

Are GeoPot fabric pots recyclable?

While the optional handles and thread are not recyclable, our geotextile fabric stocks are all rated as recycling #5, which is gradually becoming more accepted by recyclers, but your ability to recycle them will depend on your local state and county laws.

I want to carry GeoPot fabric pots in my store. How do I get started?

Contact one of the distributors below to start offering GeoPot fabric pots to your customers!

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Left Coast Wholesale
(800) 681-1757

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Australia Distribution

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