Prepare Your Garden Containers for Spring

Prepare Your Garden Containers for Spring

Spring is nearly here, and that means it’s time to start getting your garden ready for your next grow. For container gardeners, that means getting all of your pots ready for planting! Container garden prep involves a few different steps, from taking inventory to cleaning materials and finally choosing the right soil for your garden. 

Check out our tips below to be sure you don’t miss anything vital!


The first step for prepping your growing containers for the spring season is to know what you have! Take an inventory of your pots and consider what you intend to grow. Knowing the number of pots you need and the space your plants will require will help you decide if you need to purchase more!

Also consider the types of pots you have. If you’re still growing in plastic or ceramic, you may want to switch to fabric pots for their host of benefits, including air root pruning. Made of sturdy, breathable geotextile fabric, GeoPot fabric pots and GeoPlanter raised beds are a cost-efficient option for replacing old pots or expanding your collection! You can even keep your ceramic pot aesthetic but reap the benefits of air root pruning by slipping your GeoPot into a larger ceramic pot. 

If you need to fill out your container collection, head over to our collections after you make your shopping list. With a wealth of sizes of fabric pots and raised beds to choose from, you’ll meet all your growing needs in one place. 


The next task in preparing for spring planting is to make sure your pots and containers are clean! For ceramics and plastics, a good bath in soapy water is just what the doctor ordered. Fabric pots, including GeoPot, can be hand-washed or tossed in your washing machine! 

Cleaning your pots prevents soil-borne diseases from hitching a ride to your new plants and ensures your garden has a clean and healthy start to the season. 

Grow Media

When you have your pots in hand and they’re clean and ready to go, the last thing you need to do before putting your plants in containers is to get yourself some grow media. Whether you use soil, peat, or coco, GeoPots will keep your root zone well-drained and aerated so that your plants will thrive! Just choose your favorite media for the type of plant you want to grow, calculate how much soil you need with our handy chart, and have at it!

Some people like to reuse their soil every year. If you’re one of those, now is the time to refresh your media with mulch, compost, or organic fertilizer. Our friends at Geoflora Nutrients provide organic and granular top-dress fertilizers that go perfectly with GeoPot fabric pots! Just mix into your soil before planting to provide a charge of beneficial bacteria and a boost of nutrients, and then sprinkle on top of your grow every other week to keep your plants going strong. 

Ready, Set, Grow!

With spring well on its way, it’s important to prep for your next grow. After you have taken inventory, cleaned materials, and chosen the right soil, you’ll be off to a strong start for your grow. 

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