GeoPlanters in a greenhouse

Preparing Your Growing Containers for Spring

Spring can be one of the most exciting times for a cultivator. The upcoming growing season is still a blank canvas full of potential, and gardeners are making plans for a successful harvest in the fall. However, spring is also a critical time of year to prepare your fabric pots and raised beds for planting and establish a healthy environment for your seeds, clones, and starts.

Here are some tips on making sure that your containers are ready for this year’s grow:

Container Maintenance

If you are reusing a container from a previous grow cycle, take the time to make sure that it’s ready to provide a home for this year’s plants. GeoPot fabric pots and Geoplanter raised beds can last for many years with proper care, so be sure to read our tips on cleaning and disinfecting your containers between seasons. Removing debris and washing your planters with a stain-lifting detergent like OxiClean will help to extend the life of your containers by dealing with any salt buildup, algae growth, or pest infestation.

Weeds and Roots

If your fabric pots or containers are still holding soil from last year, or if you’ve been growing plants throughout the winter, now is the time to check the soil for any invasive weeds or roots that need to be removed. Doing this early will allow you to clear the growing environment without disturbing newly planted seeds or starts.

Cover Crops

If you planted cover crops such as vetch, clover, or ryegrass over the winter, now is the time to turn them into the soil so this “green manure” can begin to break down and release essential nutrients and make them available to your future plants. Using a shovel or garden rake, simply mix the cover crop down into the soil a couple of weeks before planting and nature will take care of the rest.

Soil Amendments

Before planting new seeds, starts, or clones in your growing containers, it is usually good to amend the soil by adding fertilizers, microorganisms, and other supplements. This will ensure that the roots of your plants have easy access to essential nutrients from their first days in the garden. Amendments can be mixed directly into the soil or simply top-dressed on the surface to avoid disturbing the network of microorganisms in no-till grows.

Trellis Construction

Whether you plan on growing climbing plants or simply want to spread out the leaves and stems for better air and light distribution, adding the Sungrower Trellis Kit to your setup is highly recommended. It is a good idea to assemble your trellis early to avoid disturbing plants and to help you plan the layout of your container.

Laying the Groundwork

Preparing your growing containers for the upcoming year of cultivation can be a satisfying process that sets you up for an easier, more productive grow. We hope these tips help you to set up this year’s crop for success. Read our blog for more information on making the most of your container garden.