Transplanting in GeoPot

Easy Access: A Solution for Safely Transplanting Your Plants

As any grower knows, transplanting can be a precarious process. Even the strongest, healthiest plants are most vulnerable when they are being transferred from one pot to another. The fragile leaves, stems, and roots can be damaged or broken any time they are handled, which can lead to stunted growth or even the death of the plant. That’s why it is so important to approach the act with plenty of care and attention to detail.

Today we’re taking a look at an innovative solution for safely transitioning your plants when they have outgrown their current environment.

Change of Venue

GeoPot for transplanting

To make transplanting as easy and harmless as possible, GeoPot has created the Transplanter Pot. Available in either black or tan in sizes up to 7 gallons, this fabric pot is specially designed to ensure the safe transfer of your delicate plants when it is time for them to graduate to a larger pot or a new location.

What makes the Transplanter Pot special is a velcro seam that runs down the entire length of one corner of the container. This allows you to open the pot from the side rather than dig into the soil from the top, potentially damaging roots with hands or tools. It also eliminates the need to tip, shake, or invert the pot to loosen the root ball.

When you open the side of the Transplanter Pot, you are granted easy access to the roots, allowing you to gently remove the plant without damaging the root ball or causing undue stress to the plant. Thanks to this simple innovation, you can be confident that your plant will have a much easier time adjusting to its new location with a lower chance of transplant shock.

Of course, the Transplanter Pot also enjoys all the advantages of our complete line of fabric pots and raised bed planters. They are made from a high-quality, non-woven geotextile material, which provides an ideal growing environment for your plants. Unlike plastic pots or wooden raised beds, this fabric offers superior drainage, improved aeration, and air root pruning, which prevent harmful conditions such as overwatering, lack of oxygen, and root-bound plants.

Safe and Sound

If you know that you will be transplanting your plants to larger containers in the future, we encourage you to consider growing them in our black or tan GeoPot Transplanter Pots. This will ensure that your hard work, and the health of your plants, will be preserved and protected when the time for transition arrives.

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