GeoPlanter in tractor

Mobile-Friendly: Grow with the Versatility of the Pallet-Sized GeoPlanter

Have you ever wanted to easily rearrange your growing environment for better lighting, easy harvesting access, or the establishment of a new crop? Or maybe you just want to move everything out of the way to clean up your greenhouse or farm before the next season.

For growers who want simplicity, mobility, and versatility, we recommend our special pallet-sized GeoPlanter raised bed. This spacious and sturdy container measures 48” x 40” x 14”, allowing it to support the growth of several large plants while fitting perfectly on a storage pallet. If you have a pallet-jack or tractor with a pallet fork, this opens up a whole host of options that make the growing process easier, safer, and more efficient.

Here are some of the many benefits of growing in a 48” x 40” x 14” GeoPlanter:


Filling containers with soil and fertilizer can be labor-intensive, time-consuming, and messy, especially in greenhouses with limited space. The pallet-sized GeoPlanter raised beds, however, can be filled in a separate location, then easily transported to the growing area. This allows for much greater flexibility while avoiding the need to clean up around the containers after setup.



If you ever need to change the layout of your space to improve the growing conditions or make room for more plants, it can be difficult or even impossible to move large, heavy soil-filled containers. But if you have your GeoPlanter on a pallet this process can be much easier. 


The process of harvesting your crop comes with its own unique complications, such as working in an overcrowded space, potentially damaging your plants, and creating a mess with an abundance of discarded material. The ability to relocate your plants from the growing environment to a dedicated harvesting area can eliminate those challenges.



Cleaning Up

If you’ve made it through harvest and you’re ready to prepare the soil for new plants, you may need to clean the growing space first. When you use a pallet jack or tractor to move your GeoPlanter containers out of the way, you’ll have all the room you need to make sure your greenhouse or farm is clean and clear for the next season.

Disinfecting and Storing

Speaking of clean, it can be a good idea to wash and disinfect your GeoPlanter raised beds between seasons to help them last for several years to come. With the proper equipment, the pallet-sized GeoPlanter is easy to remove and sanitize. Check out our tips for cleaning and disinfecting your GeoPot fabric pots, which of course apply to GeoPlanter raised beds as well.

Tractor carrying GeoPlanter


Going Mobile

The layout of your growing space might work well for your plants, but it may not take every scenario into consideration. Sometimes you need to make changes, access hard-to-reach areas, or clear everything out for cleaning and maintenance. Our pallet-sized GeoPlanter makes everything easier thanks to its 48” x 40” x 14” profile, which can be moved anywhere with a pallet jack or a tractor equipped with a pallet fork.

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