GeoPot and GeoPlanter Kits are Here!

GeoPot and GeoPlanter Kits are Here!

We’re excited to announce some new ways to enjoy growing in your favorite fabric pots! Would you like a neat little bundle to help you start your next crop, or perhaps an all-in-one kit that includes everything you need to grow the best plants possible? We’ve teamed up with top brands to bring you special Grow Kits to get you growing fast. With multiple options of pot types and sizes, combined with some of the best growing products on the market, you can reap the benefits of air root pruning in any shape your garden takes!

Here’s a look at some of the GeoPot Grow Kits now available on

GeoPot Favorites

Whether you like your pots small or prefer them big and bulky, you’ll find the variety you need in GardenTap’s GeoPot Grow Kits. Featuring bundles of GeoPot Fabric Pots between 1 and 15 gallons, you’ll also find your favorite handled pots, velcro transplant pots, and even our signature Potato Bag pots bundled up with the nutrients and microbes your plants need to thrive. 

GeoPlanter Setups

GeoPlanter is a hot item for growers who want the easy setup and air root pruning capability of GeoPot in the form of a raised bed. Because of this, we’re offering GeoPlanter Kits that include nutrients like Geoflora, ECOWORKS insecticide, DYNOMYCO mycorrhizae, and even trellis netting!

Complete Grow Kits 

Because of the incredible air root pruning capabilities of GeoPot and GeoPlanter, these products are great assets for any type of grow and any kind of plant. GardenTap has come up with some grow kits for particular plant types, including vegetables, flowers, buds, and more, and they even have Complete Kits that will take you from seed to harvest without a hassle. These kits include some essential items like fertilizers, mycorrizhae, organic pest control, and more!

Where and How You Grow

GeoPot and GeoPlanter fabric containers work wherever and however you decide to grow. To make it easy, GardenTap offers kits for your particular setup, including Patio, Balcony, Backyard, Vertical Gardens, and even Indoor. Just pick your favorite growing style, select the kit that goes with it, and soon you’ll have everything you need to get growing!

Run a Successful Grow with GeoPot

GeoPot Fabric Pots and GeoPlanter raised beds are already a cost-effective way to enjoy the incredible benefits of air root pruning, increased aeration, and durability. Get even more savings on these great products with GeoPot Grow Kits and help ensure your garden endeavors are thriving this season!

Grow Kits are available now at GardenTap!